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We are your trusted partner in success. Our firm is large enough to offer a full range of professional services at a fair price, but small enough to give you the individual attention that you deserve.


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Staff Profiles

Alison Walker | Reception

Phone: 541-343-5336

Alison Walker is generally the first voice you will hear when you call the offices.  Don’t ask her a tax question or ask her opinion on your entity choices – that’s not her expertise.  She is a color expert with a degree in interior design and credentials as an Esthetician.  She designed and created Aqua Benedicta, a facial studio.  So why is she here in a financial services office?  You will be surprised!

Alison has over 20 years of experience in customer service/retail sales.  She produced a business in Portland, Oregon, that all about organization, focusing on the home and home office.

Running a business of many years taught Alison how much of the financial world is systems and sequences and she has turned those observations into specific tasks to keep records clear, bookkeeping relative to real world practices and payroll reporting that will keep every business in compliance. Her job is to make you look good by translating the pieces intrinsic to your business into the records you need to relate to the financial landscape.

Being at the front desk is comfortable for Alison, as she often sat at her grandfathers’ desks sharpening pencils and pretending to take calls. Both of her grandfathers were CPAs and Tax Consultants in private practice. It’s in her DNA!

Jayne T Williams | Principle

Phone: (541) 541-275-2422

Jayne Williams is recognized in accounting by the Accreditation Counsel for Accountancy and Taxation, Inc., and licensed as an Enrolled Agent by the Internal Revenue Service in Taxation and Representation. She graduated from Occidental College with a Bachelor of Arts and received a Master’s Degree in Education from California State University San Diego.

Jayne fulfilled her aspirations for a career in Education. After 12 years in the classroom with 4 years in administration, she retired from teaching, but she wasn’t ready to leave the professional world behind.

Specializing in end-of-life tax issues, she expanded her studies into fiduciary accounting so that she could produce documents for trustees and executors whether dealing with investments, real estate or on-going business interests. She is the person to ask if you find yourself named as trustee or executor for a family member, or saddled with an inherited business, and don’t know how to begin the task.

Sky Truett | Principle

Phone: (541) 344-2472

Sky Truett is a locally minded Tax preparer born and raised in the Willamette Valley, building a tax practice that supports the needs of individuals and small businesses in our community.

As the daughter of small business owners, her interest in our local community was first inspired by observing parents hard work at their small screen-printing business. This interest continued in high school where she attended the International high School program and in her senior project focused on raising awareness about the homeless experience in Eugene.

Sky enjoyed working as a crew leader for Food for Lane County’s Youth Farm before attending Lane Community College to study Biology. She eventually found a position with her family’s Tax Preparation firm: E-T Tax Service.  There Sky had the opportunity to apprentice with one of Oregon’s most experienced Tax Consultants.

Now as the Individual Tax Service Director of the E-Z Tax Service branch; her classes, certifications, community experience and her wide spectrum of interests qualify her to translate your records from the language of your industry into the tax language of the IRs and Oregon Department of Revenue.